5 Proven Tricks to Know How to Get Votes for a Contest

How to Get Votes for a Contest

People are making more progress in the digital world these days, and the thanks go to the Internet and the social media sector. However, almost all contests are now held on social media, and there is no way to win without complete guidance or planning.

You may be wondering how to get votes for a contest if winning the competition is your main motive because it requires online voting as part of the contest rules. The entry process first may appear simple to you, but everything changes when it comes to the online voting contest.

Here, we will go over the top five most effective ways to get more additional votes to increase your chances of winning any contest. Always remember that to win any competition, you must employ some strategies.


Some Effective Techniques for Obtaining Online Votes for a Contest:


  1. Make a Plan

make a plan

Things will become difficult for you if you do not have any backup plan for. When you decide to enter these types of contests, the first thing you should do is make a proper plan. It is because when online voting begins, you should be ready.

At first, make a checklist of where you’ll look for polls and where you might be able to get some additional votes. Having a backup plan about how to get more votes will also save you a lot of time. In the event of an emergency, an effective strategy can assist you in obtaining additional polls. Last-minute stress is not advantageous for you before the competition. However, knowing that you have a backup plan and that steps must be taken will provide you with a sense of relief.

  1. Utilize Social Media Networks to Their Full Potential

use social media

Without a doubt, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are fantastic for connecting you with people to gain more votes to win the competition. You can easily create your own social media group and join various vote exchange groups and Tweets to get the online poll.

One of the many benefits of Twitter is the ability to send out 250 direct messages (DMs) in 24 hours. So, don’t forget to include all of the information about how to get votes for a contest and encourage people to share it as widely as possible. Set a reminder on Instagram stories, and don’t skip this step if you want more people to vote for you

  1. Friends and Family Members

use friend and family

Another proven and viable method for obtaining a massive number of votes to win an online competition is from your friends and family members. So, start here and ask them to be your assistant. You cannot undervalue your most ardent supporters in this situation.

Tell them to vote for you and to collect as many votes as they can from people they know on your behalf. It is the most effective method of expanding the network and obtaining additional polls.

  1. Forums for Vote Exchange


You will not regret it if you apply this option as a backup plan for your contest. Some contests prohibit visiting various vote exchange forum sites, so getting votes from here may appear challenging at times.

Before expecting a poll from the vote exchange forum, you must be an active and regular member.

These online vote exchange forums are a two-way street. It is impossible to expect anything from the other members unless they vote for them.

However, if you join a forum, you will have the opportunity to edit your profile information and add a signature line. Personally, I recommend including as much information about yourself as possible so that people know who they are voting for.

  1. Media

use media

It is yet another exceptional way to boost your popularity. The first step is to contact a local news outlet and request that they bring your competition to the public’s attention by providing all voting system details so that they can vote for you. Allow the media to cover more detailed information about you and your goal so that people can get a sense of who you are.


Things to Stay Away from During Online Contests

I’ve already mentioned a few methods for obtaining votes to win an online contest.

As we all know, there are some unethical ways to increase your online voting rate without violating the contest’s rules.


  • Several people are selling spam votes from various websites and Facebook groups these days, which is against the law.
  • Numerous people use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk with the help of micropayments. The purpose of these sites is to collect votes in an unethical manner.
  • Many low-quality websites promise a large number of votes in exchange for money. They are spam, so stay away from them and don’t fall for their marketing ruse.

It would be prudent to think twice before investing a significant sum of money in these dishonest methods. All contests these days have a way of verifying the votes received by their contestants, and if you cheat in any way and are caught, you will not be able to win the competition, and you will also be banned.


  • What’s the Best Way to See How Many People Voted in an Instagram Poll?

Swipe up to open the viewer’s list for that part of your story on Instagram to see your poll results. You’ll be able to see everything you’ll require there. Not only will you be able to see how many votes you received, but you will also be able to see who voted for you and which voting option they used.


  • Will the Ballots Be Protected and Confidential?

It depends, and you should conduct research to determine which software provides free security and protection.

Because many pieces of software do not come with built-in protection, it is an optional feature. Your organization will have to pay for these types, and they will also conduct an election without security, which is not recommended.

It will devolve into a skewed and unjust competition. It is critical to provide a variety of security measures if you want to ensure that all votes are cast fairly. You can use anything from secret ballots to a stable and private network to verify every single vote.

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