Use 8 Best Techniques on How to Increase Amazon Reviews

How to Increase Amazon Reviews

There is no chance we could deny that customer reviews are an excellent influence. We believe that reviews are an important part of succeeding online, from influencing sales to increase revenue.

Take into account the following:

·        Almost everyone agrees that reviews influence their purchasing decisions, with 97 percent agreeing.

·        A product with just five reviews has a nearly 200 percent higher chance of being purchased.

·        Customers prefer to buy a product that received more reviews on Amazon if they have a choice between two products with the same rating.

Reviews are even more important for Amazon sellers. More five-star reviews can mean the difference between standing out and blending in. To know how to increase Amazon reviews we made a list of our top best-proven six tips.


Top 8 Best Ways to Get More Amazon Reviews

If you want to get more reviews and sells on Amazon, the best way can apply is to get more Amazon reviews is to have standout products, an impeachable brand reputation, and loads of satisfied customers. The customers became loyal due to your amazing customer service. But we know it might easy to say than do it. So how to increase Amazon reviews naturally follows more useful ways.

Below, we mentioned our top six practical ways to get more Amazon reviews without any hassle today.

  1. E-mail a Request for a Personalized Review

request a mail

Amazon sends customers a generic template e-mail, and after they have made a purchase, asking them to leave a review. It is not a particularly exciting part most of the time because many people overlook it.

Sending your follow-up e-mails can help you buck the trend. Include the shopper’s name in the subject line and e-mail copy to make it more personal. Besides, offer them a direct link to your product page so they can easily leave a review.

Finally, explain why leaving a review is vital to the customer. Also, you could explain how reviews aid in the discovery of your product and the expansion of your business. You can also let them know that you want to improve their experience, which you can do by reading their review.

Alternatively, play to their ego by reminding them that by sharing their story, they can influence others. Try to be wary of pressuring people into leaving a positive review because Amazon will not allow that.

More importantly, you can fully customize the message you want to deliver with eDesk Feedback and automate the send for maximum efficiency.

  1. Discounted and Free Products Are Available Option


You can increase the likelihood of more reviews and sales by offering steep discounts on your products. When we first launch our products, I give them a 25% discount to encourage faster sales.

There are also discount and rebate clubs that use white hat tactics but are still TOS compliant as of this writing. One of these services, RebateKey, is one of the most well-known. These services are frequently used to get sellers full price credit for sales rather than reviews, but a vast percentage of customers do leave reviews.

  1. Include a Product Insert with a Review Request

insert image

Include an eye-catching insert in your product packaging that asks customers to leave reviews. In this case, you can use vibrant colors and eye-catching photography to catch your customer’s attention.

Try to make it simple for the customers by instructing them on how to leave an Amazon review.

You can simply request a review, not a five-star rating. Amazon prohibits inserts that specifically ask customers for positive reviews. So instead encourages customers to contact them instead of leaving negative reviews.

  1. Engage Previous Customers with Many Chat

engage previus customer

If you are not already using ManyChat to boost your Amazon sales, you should start now. The complete instructions for setting up your ManyChatbot are beyond the scope of this article, but it can be done in a matter of minutes. You can use an append service to target previous customers or use an already created audience.

  1. E-mail Newsletter, Ask for Reviews


If your e-commerce marketing strategy is comprehensive, you should send out an e-mail newsletter. Then include a section in your template asking for the customer’s reviews. More importantly, by doing this, you won’t get a lot of clicks from this, but it is a quick fix that can result in a few more reviews coming in regularly.

In their marketing e-mails, women’s clothing retailer Anthropologie, for example, highlights recent product reviews and encourages subscribers to leave their own.

  1. On Social Media Request Reviews

social request

You might know that many of your customers are among your social media followers. They are also well-informed about the quality of your products and how much they enjoy your goods.

So it is a great platform to ask your customers for reviews on social media at least once a month. The process is like an email newsletter. Invite your customers to leave Amazon reviews for products they have recently bought from you.

  1. Participate in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

These final two suggestions are only for new products. Besides, sellers are not allowed to pay customers for reviews, according to Amazon’s review policies. It does not mean Amazon cannot do the same. If you are familiar with Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program system, you might know that it rewards customers with a small gift card in exchange for a review.

This program allows you to receive up to 5 reviews. Each of which will be marked with an Early Reviewer badge.

As you can see, there is no guarantee that the review will be positive. However, this Amazon-approved approach to obtaining reviews may be worthwhile for new products.

  1. Amazon Vine Product Submission

amazon vine

The ‘do not exchange free product for reviews’ rule has one exception, known as Amazon Vine.

Only sellers with fewer than 30 reviews are eligible for this vine program. You send in 30 units, which are then sent out for free to Vine reviewers who have been hand-picked. The product and shipping are free for Vine reviewers.

The value of this Amazon review program comes from the fact that Vine reviewers, also known as Vine Voices, are chosen by Amazon based on the usefulness of their previous reviews. Through this program, you may have a better chance of receiving more detailed feedback than via other channels.

Things You Can Do and Don’t for Amazon Reviews

Let us first talk about the things you should need to avoid when you are thinking about increasing your Amazon reviews because Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to false customer reviews. If you break their rules doing any illegal thing to increase Amazon reviews, you may find yourself in serious trouble.

In addition, you could lose all of your current reviews, have your product listing suppressed, or lose your Amazon seller privileges permanently.

Thankfully, Amazon makes it simple for sellers to follow the rules. You can view the Product Review Guidelines by logging into your Seller account. There, you will notice Amazon has clearly stated what is and is not permitted. Things you can do is:

  • Write product reviews for your items.
  • In exchange for a review, offer money, discounts, or a product. Customers must be able to take advantage of any discounts you provide without having to leave a positive review.
  • Request reviews from biased people, such as family, friends, or coworkers. “Trade” reviews with others, for example, you’ll write a good review for them if they write one for you.
  • Accept customer feedback before they make a purchase.
  • Only request reviews from happy customers. This is known as “cherry-picking,” and it irritates Amazon. You should ask all of our customers whether their experience was positive, negative, or in the middle.

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