Tips on How to Remove Negative Product Reviews on Amazon

In life and business, no one enjoys receiving negative feedback from customers. Besides, negative feedback on your Amazon seller account can easily make an impact on your business sales, profits, and percentage of Buy Boxes. What if we told you that in the vast majority of cases, we could assist you on how to remove negative product reviews by Amazon using 2 proven tricks?

You could remove any negative feedback on Amazon by applying two proven ways:

  • By Contacting Amazon;
  • By Contacting the Buyer.

To begin with, let us first make it clear that it is impossible to eliminate all negative feedback.Negative Amazon reviews are inconvenient to deal with. 1-star reviews, in particular, can lower a product’s average rating if it does not already have a good number of positive reviews.


The Most 2 Effective Ways to Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon: 


  • By Contacting Amazon

contact with amazon

At first, you will need to open a new support case through Seller Central. You will find Customer feedback issues under Account Settings > Orders.

Then send your message with a brief explanation of why you believe their negative review should be removed.

For example, I received a comment from [buyer’s name] on [order number], and I believe it belongs in the product reviews section. Is it possible to have this removed from my feedback history?

[insert comment] is the particular comment in question.

You will get a response from Amazon that looks like this if you are successful.

Only product-specific feedback is eligible for removal.

As long as the buyer did not leave a negative rating for ”Arrived on Time,” ”Item as Described,” or ”Customer Service,” this is the case. On the other hand, the review will not be deleted if it provides both product and service feedback.


  • By Contacting the Buyer

contact with clients

Negative feedback can be removed retrospectively by buyers themselves. When asking buyers to remove a negative comment, it is essential to follow Amazon’s guidelines.

It means you won’t be able to give them a full refund if they remove their comment. You risk having your account suspended if you do this.


It will be wiser to keep in touch with the buyer to see if you can help them with their problem. You can apologize to your buyer politely and offer a partial or full refund for any shipping charges if an order is late.

Besides, you can ask the customer to remove the negative feedback if you hear from them. The refund cannot be linked to the removal of negative feedback.


One thing that needs to remember is that buyers should not be forced to remove feedback from sellers. Amazon’s policies prohibit any kind of feedback manipulation, harassment, and quid-pro-quo agreements.

If the feedback does not violate Amazon’s policies and you have not received a response from a buyer after a reasonable period. So you may want to respond to the negative comment.

You can express regret for failing to meet their expectations on this occasion and explain what you are doing to prevent it from happening again in their email addresses.

Below is an example of a message that could look something like this:

Respectfully, Alex or Mrs. Smith,

On your recent order of [mention the product name], I believe that we do our best to meet your expectations.

If you believe we have sufficiently addressed any concerns you may have had, we respectfully request that you remove the negative feedback.

[give the link]

Thank you,

[Amazon Seller Name] is an Amazon seller who sells books on Amazon.

Buyers have 90 days to leave feedback from the time of purchase.

Within 60 days of the date, the review was posted, and Amazon or the buyer must remove it. Also, feedback cannot be removed after this time has passed.

Within Reports, under “Manage your Rating and Feedback,” you will find your current feedback rating.


Amazon’s Removing Reviews Policy


amazon policy

  • Not the seller, but the product must be the focus of the review (or anything else).
  • It is not permitted to make comments about comparative pricing, product availability, or alternative ordering methods.
  • Libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, or inflammatory content is also not permitted (e.g., profanity and hate speech).
  • Obscene, pornographic, or lewd content, as well as nudity and sexually explicit images, are prohibited.
  • Anything that infringes on someone’s privacy, like phone numbers and email addresses.
  • By posting from multiple accounts or collaborating with others, you can drown out other people’s opinions.
  • Product promotions (including URLs).
  • Offering or requesting payment in exchange for content.
  • For one product, a customer has left several negative reviews.

The Importance of Review

importance of amazon review

When it comes to Amazon’s Buy Box, customer feedback is crucial. Based on the feedback you have received in the last 12 months; Amazon calculates your average feedback rating.

You will have a better chance of getting a piece of the elusive Buy Box if you have a feedback rating of over 95% (ideally over 98%). If you have a feedback rating of less than 90%, it will be better if you should reconsider your selling methods.

Sellers should have a formal process in place for collecting and managing feedback, even if they have been selling for a long time.

Negative feedback does not have to be a bad thing all of the time. It could be a chance for you to improve any aspect of your business and provide a better customer experience.

Keep Your Amazon Reviews Under Your Control

If you monitor varieties of products, good review management can become quite time-consuming. To save time and effort, prepare a set of standard texts that you can use and adapt as needed to respond to criticism. The most harmful 1-star customer reviews need to be prioritized at first. It is because, as they will be read by far more users than 2-star ratings, for example.

When a reviewed product has less than 20 reviews, make sure to react: When these products receive a bad rating, their overall rating becomes much more vulnerable.

A low overall rating can cause a product’s ranking to drop, resulting in fewer sales and reviews.


Preventing Negative Reviews on Amazon

Here, we mentioned three strategies for how to remove negative products reviews on Amazon and product returns:

  • Better product descriptions and images are needed.
  • Ensure that your orders are delivered on time and that you respond to customers promptly.
  • When deciding on an item’s condition, round up rather than down.

Why Managing Negative Reviews is Essential for You?

prevent fot getting nefative review

It is worth noting that even if a product has positive reviews, many buyers will skip right to the negative ones. They want to get a sense of the potential problems with the product. Like many other shoppers, some buyers look for a reason to avoid making a purchase.

As a result, negative reviews can result in a significant drop in sales. As a seller, you naturally want to avoid this kind of negatives feedbacks from your customers.

Of course, you want to give your customers the best product and service possible. However, your concern for your customers’ safety is only part of the story.

In the end, dealing with negative Amazon reviews takes time. Is it even worth addressing them, you might be thinking? Is it not better to ignore them and concentrate on getting positive feedback? How can you save your money by dealing with bad reviews from some clients?

Removing a few negative or neutral comments can significantly improve your feedback rating and sales.

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